nepriporočljiv; ki se ne more priporočiti

English-Slovenian dictionary. 2013.

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  • uncommendable — index blameful, blameworthy, disorderly, inappropriate, objectionable, peccable, reprehensible, scandalous …   Law dictionary

  • uncommendable — adj.; uncommendably, adv. * * * …   Universalium

  • uncommendable — adj. not commendable, not praiseworthy, not admirable …   English contemporary dictionary

  • uncommendable — /ʌnkəˈmɛndəbəl/ (say unkuh menduhbuhl) adjective not commendable. –uncommendably, adverb …   Australian English dictionary

  • uncommendable — adj.; uncommendably, adv …   Useful english dictionary

  • disorderly — I adjective aberrant, aggressive, agitated, anarchic, anarchical, anarchistic, barbaric, barbarous, bellicose, blustering, blustery, boisterous, brutal, careless, churlish, confused, contumacious, defiant, deranged, destructive, disagreeable,… …   Law dictionary

  • unethical — I adjective corrupt, corruptible, dishonest, dishonorable, disreputable, ignoble, immoral, inglorious, questionable, shady, uncommendable, unconscionable, underhanded, unfair, unprincipled, unprofessional, unscrupulous, unworthy, wrong II index… …   Law dictionary

  • blameful — I adjective abject, accusable, at fault, blamable, blameworthy, censorious, censurable, censured, chargeable, compunctious, condemnable, condemned, contemptible, contemptuous, corrupt, criminal, criminous, criticized, culpable, damnatory, decried …   Law dictionary

  • blameworthy — I adjective abject, accusable, answerable, arrant, at fault, beneath contempt, blamable, blameful, censurable, chargeable, condemnable, condemnatory, condemned, contemned, contemptible, contemptuous, contumelious, convicted, corrupt, criminal,… …   Law dictionary

  • inappropriate — I adjective alien, amiss, clashing, disagreeing, discordant, discrepant, disproportionate, dissonant, divergent, forced, gratuitous, impertinent, impolitic, improper, in bad taste, inadmissible, inapplicable, inapposite, inapt, incompatible,… …   Law dictionary

  • objectionable — I adjective abhorrent, abominable, annoying, antipathetic, base, deplorable, despicable, detestable, disagreeable, disgusting, dislikable, displeasing, distasteful, evil, exceptionable, execrable, filthy, foul, fulsome, gross, hateful, heinous,… …   Law dictionary

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